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About Our Company

We are a full service, "turn-key" design firm with the capability to manage multiple projects throughout the U.S., for all sectors of the building industry.

Our team is comprised of high level expert engineers and designers that are capable of managing every detail of your projects. We understand the importance of not only providing quality design, but equally important, effective communication with our clients and the project team as a whole.

Our design methods cut costs out of construction by conducting a thorough analysis of each project, and applying innovative solutions that are effective and simple to understand. We are committed to doing more for our clients than simply providing the typical cookie cutter solutions. And, if an error occurs in the field, we don’t waste time complaining or pointing fingers, we simply get to work and find you a solution that works best for everyone involved. Everything we do is done with the project team in mind. We know how easily one small change or error can disrupt coordination amongst multiple trades.

Our mission is to mitigate those disruptions and keep your project moving forward.


ISE has engineering licenses in 27 states